Self Assessment

About the Self-Assessment

The test involves ten multi-choice questions that you can answer at your own pace, at no cost. The test results include an assessment of your potential cyber security risk, a recommendation for further testing and two to three suggestions for improvement.

The self-assessment questions cover several areas of your business. While they do ask about your network, devices and systems, there are also questions that focus on how you do things such as taking backups and allowing employees to use their private devices on the work network.

Other questions are about the types of information you use, whether you have point-of-sale systems or purchase from online stores like Amazon, and how often you update your mobile phones.

While the self-assessment questionnaire is not a replacement for the certified small business health check, it is a good first step on your journey to improved cyber security.

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Risk Assessment Areas


In cyber security, Vulnerability refers to a flaw that can leave a business open to attack e.g. a weakness in a computer system or set of procedures. The Vulnerability level gives an indication of how well your business is protected from cyber-attack.


The Desirability level indicates the attractiveness of your business information to a hacker. Attractive information can be easily converted into cash e.g. stolen private health and credit card information for sale on the internet.


System or process Complexity can increase cyber security risk. The more you have to manage, the greater the likelihood of making mistakes that can be exploited. This self-assessment measures complexity based on the number of devices in your business.

Test Recommendation

Based on the answers you gave during the test, you will receive results report that includes:

  • A rating of your current potential cyber security risk
  • A recommendation for further testing, and
  • Two to three things that you could do now to improve your risk rating.

Getting started

Immediately after getting your test results, you can get started on your journey to improved cyber security health.

If you receive a recommendation to take a certified small business health check, you can book a test on this website.

You may also receive two to three improvement suggestions that you can get started on right away. Included with each suggestion is a link to more useful information to help you get started.