The small business cyber security grant opportunity opens soon.

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Answer 10 multi-choice questions to rate your potential cyber security risk and what actions you could take.

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Certified Small Business Health Check

  • Based on the Australian Government’s Essential Eight mitigation strategies
  • If needed, you can have additional checks on commercial terms.
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Subject to eligibility

Member Test

Not a small business? Have special requirements? No problem. Our service providers offer a range of services to meet your needs.

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Priced by number of devices

Pricing for the Certified Small Business Health Check is based on the number of devices you want assessed. Devices covered include mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers and servers.

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Self Assessment

A 10 multi-choice questionnaire that assesses business vulnerability, data desirability and complexity to categorise your potential cyber security risk severity.

The Self-Assessment is designed to:

  • Assess and rate your potential cyber security risk.
  • If needed, recommend further cyber security checks.
  • Suggest two to three improvements that you could get started on.
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Certified Small Business Health Check

Performed at your place, this check of your devices and business practices will assess how well you are protected against common cyber-attacks.

The certified small business health check includes:

  • Assessment of your business against eight essential cyber security mitigations.
  • Identification of problems and recommendations for fixing.
  • Introduction to CREST ANZ approved service providers who can work with you ongoing.
  • Test results presented in language that you can share with your employees and colleagues.
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Custom Members

If you are a small business with special requirements or a medium to large business – we can help! Our approved service providers will design a custom assessment to match your needs.

  • CREST ANZ approved service providers are leaders in their field.
  • Offer a range of cyber security services to meet most business needs.
  • Established presence across metropolitan and regional Australia.
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Prioritising and fixing problems

Need help fixing problems found during testing? No problem. You can talk with you service provider, internal ICT person or other small businesses in your community – they might recommend someone. Or contact a computer fixing company that specialises in small business such as Geeks2U.

You may qualify for a 50% rebate on the cost of your certified small business health check

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